More S’more


Even this modern rendition of the s’more evokes old memories. An outdoor campfire, on a beach, at the lake, out back in a yard, out anywhere when the sky subsides to deep blue and the talk is made comfortable. Shoulders hunch as hands carefully tend the char of a marshmallow on a stick. Eyes glow in communal anticipation, there is some real goodness about to happen. The gooey burned gob is passed to the right, to a receiving hand of graham cracker and chocolate. The first bite is the best and most perfect. Grubby, chocolate grins break out all around.

Eat up my fire loving chocolate grubbin’ friends!


S’more Better

S'mores Three Ways

We’re a bit smitten by s’mores here at Studio Salt Creative and have photographed them several ways. It may be we just like eating them after the shoot, or perhaps it’s the warm childhood memories of toasting mallows over a campfire that intrigue us.

We couldn’t decide which of these hand crafted beauties were better, and really do we even need to choose? Which is your favorite?

S’mores Three Ways

B.M.T (Bacon, Mallow and Toffee)

Homemade whole wheat graham, spiced smoked bacon, toasted mallow, toffee pieces, shaved semi-sweet chocolate.


Lavender Lemon

Homemade whole wheat graham, lemon white chocolate, lavender toasted mallow.

Old Fashioned

Homemade whole wheat graham, semi sweet chocolate, toasted mallow.