Connecting the Dots

We humans have always turned our gaze skyward and collectively dreamed.  We look up at the night sky, connect the dotted stars, and conjure up shapes of our shared stories’ heroes and sheroes. We tend to our shared dreams and passions so they may not die out with our generation but be sustained into the next. We seek connections through stories and images that spark our imaginations. We soar in the company of each other. We endeavor to save what preciousness we have in this lifetime for future generations.

Food is also a mechanism for connecting. Hands sift through soil that nurtures farm bounty, toil to see produce delivered to markets,  carefully prepare a meal, or set a table. We final recipients warm with the community of sharing together that which journeyed to sustain us. In something as simple as a perfect tomato, we taste the sun and sky and our bellies warm.  We feel bound to the earth and to each other by a meal and conversation.

As we turn to 2018, like the human race seeking to connect the dotted night stars, we at Salt hope to connect the dots of the food’s journey to plate through our images. We will strive to awaken in the viewer’s  mind, the meaningful moments when they felt most connected to others. We are excited for what this year will bring for us all and are humbled by the support and love of those who take the journey with us.

Happy New Year friends, never stop connecting the dots!

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